Toshikuni Doi

Japanese independent journalist

A brief bio of Toshikuni Doi

Toshikuni DOI is an independent journalist. He was born in Saga Prefecture, Japan in 1953. Since 1985, he has provided on-site reporting from Palestine and Israel. In April 2009, he completed a four-part documentary movie series “Unheard Voices." The fourth part of that series, "Breaking the Silence," was shown in theaters throughout Japan. For his work, Toshikuni DOI was presented with the Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan and took first place in the Kinema-Junposha Cultural Film Division. "Life on Fereign Land" and "Fukushima Speaks" were presented the awards of documentary film by Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese government.

His chief publications include "Peace Accords" & Palestine (Asahi Sensho), Jews in America, Palestinian Voice, Israeli Voices, and Breaking the Silence (all released by Iwanami Shoten).

Email: doitoshikuni@mail.goo.ne.jp

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